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Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN question
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Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN question
Oct 29th, 2008 at 12:18pm
Yes,  I know this isn't everyone here's forte but I figured I would toss it out anyways. I am working on the AT commands to control a ISDN phone over a serial cable. My question is when transferring can you only transfer a call that was delivered to the 5ESS ISDN phone or can you originate a call and then transfer it?

Test is my desk is a M1 2616 phone, cell is a blackberry and ISDN line is 5E. I can call from my desk to the 5E press transfer, go off hook of DN 2 and then dial my cell and then press transfer again and my cell and desk are now talking. But, I can't call my desk from the 5E and then transfer it to my cell, does anyone know how/why/is it possible?? Or does anyone know of a place to look? Thanks!


Ok I was able to find a 1997 Lucent Technologies Maunal for the 8510T and here is something else I am lost on. The process I was able to do one day is outlined below:


To send a call to another extension
1 Press Transfer .
•      The present call is put on hold.
•      The red Transfer light flutters.

2 Listen for dial tone.

3 Dial the number that the call is to be transferred to (third party).
•      Remain on the line and announce the call when the third party

NOTE: If the number of the third party is busy or there is no answer,
press the call appearance button next to the fluttering green light to
disconnect the incomplete call and to return to the call on hold.

4 Press Transfer again.
•      The party on hold is transferred to the third party.
•      Your voice terminal is released from the call.

5 Hang up.

NOTE: To prevent a transfer call from disconnecting, complete the
transfer process before entering into another action, such as
answering another call.

It has changed now. Now before step 2 I have to manually press DN 2 to go off hook before dialing the number to transfer to. What the heck could be causing this to happen. Anyone have any idea?

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Re: Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN question
Reply #1 - Oct 30th, 2008 at 11:46am
I don't know the 5ESS, but here are a few thoughts.

It sounds like the 3WC portion of call transfer is not working.  You might want to see if adding 3WC to DN 1 fixes the problem.

Essentially you are putting the call on hold, dialing another call, then joining the calls on two different lines together.

I believe in the 5ESS non-ISDN phones (which are essentially key sets) the joining feature and transfer feature are distinct items even though they accomplish a similar end.  Transfering is connecting two parties on the same line........joining is connecting parties on two different lines (on the same set).
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