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KP 48 STP for NENA 003-002 2.2 Trunk Test Calls
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KP 48 STP for NENA 003-002 2.2 Trunk Test Calls
Jan 2nd, 2019 at 3:32pm
Has anyone with a DMS-10 gotten the 911 trunk testing via the usage KP 48 STP with the PSAP equipment.

Per NENA 003-002 2.2 Trunk Maintenance Test Calls
1. After seizing the selected idle trunk and receiving the wink start signal prior to time-out, the E9-1-1 tandem office outpulses KP 48 STP to the PSAP. (confirmed)
2. The PSAP should interpret the digits 4 and 8 as a maintenance test call and connect the incoming E9-1-1 trunk to a permanent busy tone (continuous 60-ipm, tone) without answer supervision (normal battery polarity). The tone should be returned to the E9-1-1 tandem office within 20 seconds after receipt of the wink start pulse, otherwise, the E9-1-1 tandem office would consider the trunk test a failure.
3. Approximately 5 seconds after receiving the 60-ipm tone, the E9-1-1 tandem office disconnects and idles the trunk under test. It is not necessary for the PSAP to do any timing for a maintenance call, but merely react to the seizure and disconnect from the E9-1-1 tandem office.

Note that the NENA docs have tandem office plastered everywhere and our office in question is an end office.  Since I do not work on a Tandem/Selective Router, I am unfamiliar if this feature/function is readily available on Tandem/Selective Router switches.
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